LARPing in Southern California

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This is a community for gamers looking to find or advertise LARPs in the SoCal area, from Los Angeles to San Diego and around those areas (San Bernadino, Pasadena, Escondido, etc). I ask that you please keep the advertisements mostly about larps, since this is a community and most table top games do not allow for large amounts of players. Only exception to that is feel free to post about games at upcoming conventions.

If you want to post here, be respectful. No rude commenting, no "LARP SUX" posts, and no spamming. I will ban anyone demonstrating such behavior. If you feel something is unnecessary, email me and let me know.

Also, if you title your posts, they will be easier to find on the navigation bar. Not required, but good if you want people to find your game! :)

I may add more guidelines later; I will post as much in the community. Otherwise, have fun! Game! And meet up!